Letter from the Management Team

Fiberconcepts is a privately owned Chinese company that innovates, designs and delivers exceptional passive and active fiber optic solutions. With a strong senior management group, the company offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Incorporated in 2006, Fiberconcepts has evolved into a market leader of new fiber optic products. The company’s shareholder group has invested a considerable amount of resources into research and development for more than 10 years. With a lot of patience and endurance, the company has been able to redefine and position itself well within the fiber optic market through its innovation and design.


Ideas for new product development start with listening to the company’s customers who are a great source of market information. Working on their challenges brings Fiberconcepts its main purpose.


Fiberconcepts has always valued the production of quality products. It operates under strict standards that guarantee a high level of flawless performance. Its products are researched, developed and solidly engineered. Designing and incorporating detailed processes and procedures enables the company to maintain its high standard of quality.


Fiberconcepts Head Office is located in Shenzhen and its Production Facility resides in Shenzhen too. This unique geographic positioning has enabled the company to take advantage of many markets in the world.
The Production Facility is staffed with highly skilled employees who ensure that our products are made in a very cost-effective manner. Having a small community culture has enabled the group to become a solid team.


Fiberconcepts continues to work and embrace an environment of change for the better. With this as its foundation, the company is poised to break ground with the development of new products aimed at providing effective new technology to our customers as the technology bubble advances.