• MU connectors

MU connectors

MU connector adaptor the fixed method with screw that can be divided into two parts: Multi piece Type and Assembly Type, that have active Key and fixed Key. Then Crimp have two kinds: “One Crimp ”and “Two Crimp”; Boot have two kinds materials: one is rubber, the other is Bellcore, and the boot have different color according to your request.

Product description


●Precision mechanical dimension
●Good Insertion Loss
●SX; DX and 8-way types available
●0.9mm, 2.0mm available
●Complaint with RoHS


●CATV Network

General Specification:



Insertion Loss

SM PC: ≤0.30dB

MM PC: ≤0.30dB

Mating Durability(500c)


Temperature Stability


Operating Temperature

-40~ +80℃

Storage Temperature

-40~ +80℃

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